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Pensions Plans

Expert advice on your pension and retirement options.

Why have a Pension?
  • Pensions are an excellent way of saving for your future.
  • To encourage savings, the State gives substantial tax savings on pension contributions
  • You can obtain tax relief of between 20-40% on your contributions. This is better than any interest rate!
  • Funds can be invested in a wide range of assets of your choice.
  • Tax savings can be lost if not availed of; At age 30, you can save up to 15% of salary.
Free Consultation

Call us now for a free consolation on your pension and retirement options.

Understand your options:
  • You may have a pension for the rest of your life, the amount depending on the size of your accumulated fund.
  • You may take a reduced pension and a lump sum tax free equal to 1 ½ years salary (for employed persons)
  • Self employed – 25% of fund tax free balance into own AR Fund
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