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Company Protection

Family business and independent broker, established 1979

Group Life & Income Protection

Group Life Insurance can provide the security of a lump sum and/or pension benefit in the event of an employee’s death and can play a major role in helping you retain your best staff.

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Best Doctors®- Second Medical Opinion Service

Some providers can provide all members of the scheme and their immediate family with access to Best Doctors®: a second medical opinion from a world renowned expert at no extra cost.

Multinational employers

We can deal with multi-national employers to ensure that all employees have the appropriate benefits.

To receive a quotation free of charge, please complete this data connection form and email to One of our experienced financial advisors will review and contact you to discuss your needs.

Key Features

Minimum membership of 3 lives.

Schemes can start with as little as three members with minimum premium as low as €1,000 annually.

Tailored to your needs

We deal with a large number of providers and offer a full range of options which we tailor to your business needs and budget. You decide on the level of benefit provided, for example you could have a higher level of cover for key staff.

Free trustee services

Some providers offer free trustee services which significantly reduces the administration required.

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