House and Home Insurance


Personal Insurance which covers damage to the house itself or to the contents of the home. Typical premiums for Home insurance can start from as little as €100 per year.  A Home insurance policy can protect your home in the event of common unfortunate events such as fire, theft, storm, and flood. Other happenings such as subsidence and valuable house contents can also be covered. Home insurance policies are one of the most common types of insurance policy, and can be obtained for reasonable premiums.


For houses with value of over €500,000 Cuffe & Company (Insurance) Ltd. offer a special competitive household policy which includes free travel insurance and also includes worldwide cover for valuables without a ‘locked safe warranty’.

This includes a free inspection when the policy is arranged to establish the appropriate insured value which ensures that there will be no subsequent argument regarding the adequacy of the sum insured and thus provides substantial peace of mind.

Please advise us of your present renewal date and we will contact you prior to that date to provide an alternative quotation to you.

Contact us directly for further details.