Life Assurance


Life assurance can provide financial security for you and your family, and can cover the costs of a mortgage, outstanding debts, and education costs.

Features of Life Assurance protection policy:


  • Guaranteed level of Life cover, between €10,000 and €1M
  • Guaranteed fixed premium over lifetime of policy
  • Potential to include separate cover for each partner in policy
  • Choice of terms of cover available

Here are some examples of cover for you to illustrate the rates that we have available.


Single life - Date of birth: 01/01/1980

   Annual premium:    Monthly premium    Life Cover    Term of policy

A)  €114.91 yearly        €10.26 per month      €100,000      10 years

B)  €144.51 yearly        €12.82 per month      €100,000      20 years

C)  €164.07 yearly        €14.50 per month      €100,000      25 years  

Dual Life – Date of births: 01/01/1980 & 01/01/1980


D)  €192.96 yearly        €17.00 per month      €100,000    10 years  

E)  €236.86 yearly        €20.79 per month      €100,000    20 years 

F)  €268.01 yearly        €23.47 per month      €100,000    25 years


These figures are for illustration and subject to normal acceptance criteria. Please review your current costs and we can discuss further with a view to saving you money or providing you with increased cover.


Contact us directly for further details.